Binstore green roof (part two)

Pallets and Pj’s

No sooner had we been woken this morning by our two mini tornadoes (the kids) than the bell rang with the exciting news (in my eyes) that the green roof substrate was waiting outside. In the end, creating our own 2-5mm crushed brick proved impractical and I was determined to use recycled materials, so I sourced a low-nutrient extensive green roof substrate based on crushed recycled brick and green waste compost from Garden Topsoil Direct. This evening I filled the roof and watched it change from a gravel pit to a promising growing space.


Earlier today…


Halfway there…


The filled bed as the light was fading

Plant me…

I’ll start with the white alpine strawberries and then I can enjoy collecting various thymes, sempervivums and other alpine and small Mediterranean plants from nurseries, plant sales and flower shows throughout the year. Part three of this blog post will cover the planting and is the bit I’m looking forward to the most. Happy spring gardening! 

See how the idea to hide the bins started in Part One and read about the creatures which are now calling the binstore home in The Bee’s Knees…

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