Only Connect! Exciting new content!

I'm happy to announce that I'm launching my first newsletter called Only Connect! Novelist E.M. Forster wrote "Only connect!... only connect the prose and the passion... Live in fragments no longer." Nature thrives on connections, networks, healthy ecosystems, symbiotic relationships – and so do we. We are as much a part of the natural world as a bracket fungus, a dandelion or a red kite.  I'm passionate about finding simple, meaningful ways to engage with nature in our busy lives and communicating them through prose. My newsletters will explore how we can reconnect … Continue reading Only Connect! Exciting new content!

Mustering courage

Yesterday, I took deep breath and read through the proofs of my contribution to the Moving Mountains anthology. I've spent the last couple of days trying to get my head around the publication in October of the first piece I've ever written about living with chronic illness. Writing it was a massive challenge for me. … Continue reading Mustering courage

Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust Workshop

'Talking about the local landscape and wildlife as part of the Society of Authors contribution to the Hitchin Festival was a wonderful experience. The audience was enthusiastic and responsive, and the session ended with interesting conversations and questions about community-led conservation and how to help wildlife in our gardens.' Nature Writing Workshop Nic's next event … Continue reading Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust Workshop


This one's been a long time in the writing & means a great deal to me - tracing my family history from our early shepherding roots living alongside the poet John Clare, through 1920s urban Manchester & into the present day. My thanks to Little Toller's 'The Clearing' for the opportunity to share the story … Continue reading Motherlode