Hello, thanks for visiting. I’m Nic Wilson – a writer, mum and Guardian Country Diarist based in North Hertfordshire. My work has featured in anthologies, journals and magazines including Gardeners’ World Magazine, The English Garden, The Garden (RHS), the John Clare Society Journal and Women in Nature, edited by Katharine Norbury. 

I’ve been a bookworm and wildlife enthusiast since childhood – much of which I spent up an old Scots Pine in the garden reading adventure and fantasy stories. After an MA in English (focusing on narrative and the scientific zeitgeist) and 12 years teaching in Durham and Cambridge, I retrained in horticulture and garden design. 

I volunteer with the Wildlife Trust and curate the UK Peat Free Nurseries List. I love to write about all aspects of nature, gardening, conservation, literature and the environment.


I enjoy cooking with food from the garden, allotment and hedgerows. I’ve been foraging for ingredients since I was a child and have wonderful memories of scouring the Welsh lanes and mountains for hazelnuts, blackberries and bilberries. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease a decade ago and now run a gluten free kitchen, so growing my own food plays a key role in making tasty meals for my family.

I’m a member of the Society of Authors and the Garden Media Guild. I’m currently writing a book exploring ways we can engage with the wild in everyday landscapes.

If you’d like to get in touch, click here or drop me an email at dogwooddays@yahoo.com