This one’s been a long time in the writing & means a great deal to me – tracing my family history from our early shepherding roots living alongside the poet John Clare, through 1920s urban Manchester & into the present day. My thanks to Little Toller’s ‘The Clearing’ for the opportunity to share the story with readers…

8 thoughts on “Motherlode

  1. tessaparikian says:

    This is wonderful Nic. So beautifully written. My father’s family were drovers way back. He did masses of research which I think my sister, Laura, has somewhere. I was always a bit disparaging of this family history but reading this wonderful essay has made me want to revisit my history. I always credit my Dad for my passion for gardening. I wish was able to tell him again that that is so. Tessa xx I 07961 155860 I


    • dogwooddays says:

      Oh Tessa, thank you. That’s so lovely that you have all that family history research. I think drovers must have had hard, but really interesting lives. I bet your Dad would have been so proud of all the gardening inspiration you’ve given people, including me, over the years. xxx

  2. Kendall says:

    This is absolutely wonderful. It provided the exact pause that I needed this morning. I am saving it to read again and again. It also inspired me to send a friend a poem. Thank you!

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