My Garden Right Now In Pictures

My garden, like many, is a busy place at the moment. I’m planting out bedding and tender crops, sowing seeds, keeping the pollinators happy and raising many plants for the school fete and local community garden open day. Today the kids have been sowing radish, carrot, beetroot and planting out marigolds and nasturtiums in their vegetable beds. They’ve also been finding wild flowers and painting our dried pumpkin seeds from last hallowe’en ready to make necklaces in celebration of 30 Days Wild challenge.

So here’s a selection of photos to give a glimpse of #mygardenrightnow – the beautiful bits and the working areas. I’ve been enjoying seeing everyone’s photos this weekend – it’s such a lovely time of year…

Side Garden


Thriving Quince tree (Meeches Prolific) and Potentilla x tonguei groundcover


Lavender just coming into bloom


Soon the Echinops, Perovskis and Verbascum will create a riot of blue and yellow

Binstore Green Roof

Dianthus deltoides, thrift, sedum and thymes – intricate flowers at eye level

Front Garden



At this time of year, the evergreen structure of the garden is subsumed by clouds of summer flowers – here are Geranium ‘Anne Thompson’, Fuchsia ‘Army Nurse’, Lavandula ‘Twickel Purple’ and Rosa ‘Jacqueline du Pre’ 

Rosa ‘Jacqueline du Pre’ posing for her close-up


Ox-eye Daisy, Snow-in-Summer, Lychnis coronaria, Campanula and Geranium

Working Areas


Bedding plants waiting to be allocated to pots


Plants in waiting – ready to go in the garden and stock plants


This beautiful Sambucus nigra ‘Eva’ is waiting to go in the front garden, but in the meantime, it’s ripe for making pink elderflower cordial…


Some of the plants off to be sold next weekend

Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs


Veggie beds in progress…


Some of my dahlias newly planted out


The fruit cage – nearly ready for raspberry, currant and blueberry harvests


Fruit trees and cornus grove – alas most of the fruitlets were taken by the frost this year


Apple espaliers and the herb beds


My collection of mints, lime balm and lemon verbena for teas


The most hard-working spot – cucurbits, chillies and tomatoes mainly

Perennial vegetable corner – with perennial onion, spring onion, earth chestnut and hardy ginger



This bed has been left to go a bit wild this year – self-seeded Nigella damescena and Centranthus ruber ‘Albus’ have taken advantage of my lack of attention!


Knautia macedonica and Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ make a great combination


Clematis ‘Niobe’ is scrambling around at the edge of the bed

Some flowerbed stars

Lots of pots


Love my hostas and Acer palmatum ‘Crimson Queen’


Geranium x oxonianum ‘Walgrave Pink’ peeping out from the hosta pot!

Argyranthemum ‘Grandaisy Pink Halo’ and Artemisia schmedtiana ‘Nana’ just starting to come together


Viola and dahlia by the front door – this area needs work this week…

So that’s My Garden Right Now – a place of laughter and play, with some plants rioting whilst others behave themselves – at least for the moment. We attract pollinators and far too many slugs and snails, we work hard and then drink tea, wine, cordial, eat cupcakes in the sunshine. We come together as a family and celebrate the magic of nature, as seeds germinate, plants grow, then flower, produce fruit or attempt to colonise their neighbours’ space. What a blessing is a garden! πŸ™‚

If you’d like to get involved in #mygardenrightnow, you can use the hashtag for your pictures, videos and stories.

I’d love you to follow my blog for more stories about my garden and allotment, recipes and lots more gardening related topics. Happy Gardening…

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32 thoughts on “My Garden Right Now In Pictures

  1. DIANE KETCHER says:

    Hi Nic Your garden is looking lovely! Β I have just come back from GIYO meeting at Claire’s house. Haven’t been there for a few years either–they have a new extension I haven’t seen before. Time flies and things progress……. It was Growers market yesterday. There is a new regular Saturday market in Leys Square now. It was a bit of a shock to find we had to fight for our space but it all worked out well in the end except that we couldn’t get the car near the stall for packing up. Lots more customers though.Β We were talking about the future of the G Mkt this afternoon. I’m thinking this might be the final year. It’s getting to be too much of a struggle to find enough helpers never mind all the preparation. Β I don’t know how you find the time to do all that you do and still look after your family! Take care best wishesDiane

    • dogwooddays says:

      Hi Diane – glad you had lots of visitors at the growers market. Yes, all the raising plants and selling/swapping them does take a lot of time, doesn’t it? Hope you have a lovely summer and enjoy the good weather in the garden. Nic xx

    • dogwooddays says:

      Thanks very much – I spend so much time in the garden close-up, that it’s lovely to take a look in pictures from a bit more distance to appreciate the results of our hard work. Thanks for the great #mygardenrightnow weekend – happy gardening, Nic xx

  2. Claire justine says:

    Your garden is beautiful, full of colour. I have decieded now the kids are grown up to start making my garden look pretty and add lots of flowers as it is bare. My mother in law has given me lots of cuttings and they just needed popping in. Over the weekend my dog ate them all, grrr πŸ™ One day…

    • dogwooddays says:

      Oh no, that’s awful!! Maybe put in some more and give them some protection with chicken wire or cloches until they’re tough enough to withstand the dog?! Pots are good too, as you can move them out of reach when plants are small. Good luck – hope the summer brings you flowers 😊

  3. Jessica Foley (@ModernMomsLife) says:

    What a beautiful space you have! We got our gardens and pots planted last weekend. I may have another row of two of seeds to do yet, but the main work is done! Gardens are such a pleasure, to work in, and to sip your tea (or wine!) in. Enjoy your hard work – it’s going to be beautiful this year.

  4. debsrandomwritings says:

    Hi Nic, what a lovely garden you have. Your herbs are fairing better than mine, I think I planted them in the wrong place, this is my first year having a serious go at a bit of veggie gardening so I am new to it and have a lot to learn!


  5. Jayne (@SMABLblog) says:

    Your garden is looking fab! The best bit about gardening is sitting back and taking in the sights and smells, makes all of that hard work worth while. I love gardening, but we are moving shortly, so will be able to get stuck in again soon with a new blank canvas! (exciting times ahead).

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC. Hope to see you next week πŸ™‚

    • dogwooddays says:

      Thanks Jayne. How exciting! Although it’s hard work, it’s great to have a new garden to play with. That’s one of the joys of my job – always new gardens to meet and work with 😊

  6. thehappyminimum says:

    I’m so envious of your garden right now – I’m stuck in the middle of a fairly brutal winter cold snap and already waiting for spring! Look forward to following your blog for some inspiration πŸ™‚

    • dogwooddays says:

      Hi, thanks very much for stopping by. Yes we love the garden and the outdoors because it brings us closer to each other and to nature. Even in small outdoor spaces it’s possible to do so much and get so many people, of all ages, involved!! 😊

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