Wordless Wednesday (almost!)


This anemone has two pale pink petals, two dark pink petals and one striped petal.

I found this anemone blooming in the woodland garden at Beth Chatto’s garden this week. I love ‘Honorine Joubert’ but I’m generally not so keen on the pink versions (less visually striking and more invasive), but this one stopped me in my tracks. Each flower had two petals of different pinks and one petal which couldn’t make up its mind. There wasn’t a label – does anyone know if it is a specific cultivar or just a beautiful aberration?

I’ve now kindly had an ID (see comments). It’s Anemone hupehensis ‘Hadspen Abundance’, discovered in the late 1970s by Eric Smith at Hadspen House in Somerset and first listed in around 1980 by Beth Chatto. It’s a stunning plant which reaches 90cm in height, is a prolific flowerer and suits sun or semi-shade. It’s already made it onto my wanted list… 😁

(If you buy it make sure you see it in flower as apparently some anemones sold as ‘Hadspen Abundance’ are simply pink doubles.)



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